Both of my kids have been running since Jr. HS.  My son loves it.  He's now at UC Davis on their distance running teams. My daughter... I think she likes competing.  I ended up coaching 3 years of Jr. HS track and XC because of them (and they were very fulfilling).  I volunteer at the local high school and help out with the team there as well.

As of April 2020, I'm back into running myself.  With mileage above 30 miles a week, for the first time since... I was 16.   And As of March 2021, I'm down to about 20 per week.  And as of September 2022, I'm still trying to hold 20 miles per week.

My race results:

2018 Newark Mile - 2.4 miles, 19:36

2019 Newark Mile - 2.4 miles, 18:06

2020 Brazen New Years Day - 5k, 24:58 (actually slightly longer, and a hilly course)

2020 CoVid-19 10k (self time trial) - 50:48

2020 Newark Mile (Virtual) - 2.4 miles, 24:22 

2022 Newark Mile - 2.4 mile, but accidentally ran 3 miles 23:01

Chance's high school team keeps an IG account here.

Below is the video playlist for some of NMHS running events.  Some experiments with VR180.  But the usual camera is a Sony HDR-CX405.

Table of contents for photos

2023 Fall Cross Country Season

2023 Spring Track Season

2022 Fall Cross Country Season

2022 Spring NMHS Track Season

2021 Fall NMHS XC Season

2021 Newark Project Photo Book

2021 Newark Project Photo Book.pdf

2021 NMHS Track Season (AKA The CoVid-19 Spring Season)

2020 NMHS XC Season (AKA The CoVid-19 2021 Spring Season)

NMHS @ Logan Girls Varsity

NMHS @ Logan Girls JV

NMHS @ Logan Varsity Boys

NMHS @ Logan JV Boys

NMHS @ Logan Frosh/Soph Boys

2020 NMHS Track Season (AKA The CoVid-19 Season)

2020 Racing Events

2019 NMHS XC Season

Boys (3rd in MVAL, 6th in NCS Div III), Girls (2nd in MVAL)

2019 NJHS Track Season (Photos by Jon Mills)

2019 NJHS Spring XC Season

2019 NMHS Track and Field

2018 Misc

2018 NMHS XC Season

Chance's freshman season at NMHS.  Him, Tad and Diego created the core of a varsity team that did some amazing things.  In a frosh/soph race, they actually out dueled a Dublin team which signaled that they are on the path to being contenders in NCS.  

2018 NJHS Fall Track

The league moved track to the fall for reasons that I'm still not quite sure about, but this was Kara's first year running.  There are some great athletes on this team who have also moved up to the high school.

2018 NJHS Spring Track

This team was incredible.  We had about 80 kids come out.  The boys team lost in the final by 1.5 points.  We were without our #3 400m runner, who would have been the difference.  If you're on a track team, and you are not the #1 guy (or gal), you are still valuable.  

2017 NJHS Fall XC

The boys team here will probably be NJHS's best boys team ever.  They destroyed everyone in the final, and also put two guys in the top 4 for the JV race.  This was a great team.  Many of these kids are a core of the NMHS XC team that has high expectations.  I ended up coaching this team at the last minute, and was the start of my 3 year stint at NJHS.

2017 NJHS Spring Track and Field

2016 NJHS Fall XC and USATF Nationals

Chance was introduced to distance running in the 7th grade.  The school had a guy who came in and started the XC team in SACMAL.  Chance loved it.  He's way faster than I ever imagined he'd be.  He and a few of his classmates ran in USATF events and Chance even qualified for Nationals.

Dublin Distance Fiesta