Worth It?

I buy a lot of stuff, especially electronics stuff. I used to write reviews of PC gaming gear when the internet was young (man, that sounds so terrible to say). Anything that I deem worthy of my review (post personal purchase) I'll place here. I will also have a backlog of items (assuming I still have them on hand).


  • Headphones / Audio

    • APEKX Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

    • Sony Link Buds

    • Sony Link Buds S

    • Apple AirPods Pro

    • Sony 700

    • Moukey Headphone Amplifier DAC (DealNews)*

    • NJSJ USB Speakers

    • Bose Sport Open Headphones

    • Mu6 Runk Open Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    • Syba Sonic USB DAC

    • Logitech G435 Gaming Headset

    • VEATOOL Bluetooth Headphones

    • WHCH710N Sony

  • Phone Items

    • Momax Magnetic Portable Charge with Stand

  • Other CE

    • Roku Streambar (DealNews)*

    • Razer Anzu Smart Glasses*

    • MOOKA 1080p Native projector

    • Echo Show 5

  • Streaming Stuff

    • FDKOBE Wecame Lighting Ring

    • Cheap webcam from Amazon

  • Exercise Stuff

    • Coros PACE 2

  • Engineering Stuff

    • YEAPOOK ADS1013D

    • TRMS 6000 Digital Multimeter

  • Weird Stuff

    • TORRAS L3 Portable Wearable Wind

  • PC Stuff

    • Redragong K509-RGB PC Gaming Keyboard

    • SteelSeries Rival 100

    • EagleTec KG051 BlueLED Mechanical Keyboard

Of interest